Basics of Biology II

Energy Cycles

In its first chapter, Basics of Biology II deals with the food chain. The producers as the basis of the food chain and the consumers, the herbivores and carnivores, are introduced /presented. Further focus points are the energy intake through food as well as the energy losses connected with it. The resulting energy efficiency of a herbivore is vividly illustrated in an experiment. Subsequently the carbon cycle is dealt with: its occurrence and the carbon cycle from producer to consumer, and last but not least the function of destruents. In the third chapter the next important cycle, the nitrogen cycle, is discussed. Special emphasis is put on the process of nitrification as well as the function of nitrogen-binding micro-organisms and their natural fertilisation of our agricultural soil. The importance of the nitrate for plants is shown in a laboratory test. Together with the extensive additional material the DVD is ideally suited for use in the classroom.

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