Mute Swan

Swans throughout the Year

Swans are an ornament to our waters. The majestic birds with their snow-white plumage are considered the very epitome of beauty and purity. Not every swan, however, is white. It is the Mute Swan that has inspired people’s imagination for ages. Seemingly an old acquaintance, it has nevertheless a great many unknown features for us to discover. The Mute Swan is our most striking and best known species of the Anatidae family. The elegant birds can weigh up to 14 kilograms and therefore are among the biggest and heaviest waterfowl worldwide. Their large and navicular bodies make swans appear clumsy on land. They are the result of their adaptation to swimming, for neither wind nor waves can easily unbalance a swan’s body. Their relatively short feet with webs between the toes work as paddles and are thus ideal for locomotion in water.
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