The White Stork

Commuter between Europe and Africa

People have always found the white stork fascinating. It is a large, conspicuous bird, which exposes itself to human curiosity by the choice of its nesting places, therefore people tend to assign meaning to its behaviour. Today, the white stork is still believed to bring good luck. The film covers the characteristics of white storks, their appearance and behaviour as well as the order of Ciconiiformes. The habits of the white storks, their habitats and migration routes are shown in the film, too. In the Reproduction Chapter, we can see interesting pictures of hatching chicks and their first attempts at flying. The DVD includes first-grade bonus material on the bird migration research carried out by the Max Planck Research Centre for Ornithology headed by Peter Berthold. The white stork’s cultural significance and myths told about it as well as the ties between countries, which are strengthened by the “European Stork Villages”, are covered, too. The bonus material is only available in German and adds approximately 14 minutes to the film.

  • Article no.: 4662992
  • Targetgroups: Sek I,Sek II
  • Length: 27:14 min
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