Genetic Code Sun

Deciphering the Code of Life

Life on Earth assumes a large variety of shapes. There is plant life and animal life. Protozoa live alongside human beings, ants alongside fish and elephants, a blowball alongside a cactus.

At first glance, the creatures living on Earth do not seem to have much in common. There are various manifestations of life in terms of characteristics and appearance. Is it possible that this impression is wrong? Is there something that all these creatures have in common in their internal structure? This is hard to believe if you compare a plant with an animal.

Let’s take a look at two more creatures: an ape and a human being – what do these two species have in common?

It is easy to find some differences and some similarities. Monkeys and humans have a similar body structure and similar limbs. In spite of that, we can clearly distinguish an ape from a human being. Where do these similarities and differences come from?

Genetics provides answers to these questions. It is the science of heredity. The term “genetics” stems from the ancient Greek word “genesis” – “origin”.

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