Ecosystem Sea

Sharks and Whales

The oceans have been the largest connected ecosystem of the world since hundreds of millions of years. All life originated here, and a stable system ranging from single-cell plants and animals to huge vertebrates has been established. An incredible abundance of shapes and colours has emerged. Even today, we know only a fraction of this variety. We know less about the co-existence of these beings, their interdependency and the conditions and particulars of their food chain than we know about one or the other celestial body. The largest consumers of the sea, sharks and whales have an important task in the marine ecosystem. They ensure that the populations of small predators like seals, groupers and tuna do not grow excessively. In the film, the interrelation between the individual creatures is illustrated and the ecosystem sea as well as the dangers of human interference are explained using the example of sharks and whales. We learn about these animals’ characteristics and structure. We also see why and how they are endangered and what damage the marine ecosystem might suffer if these animals were exterminated. The climate change and its consequences for the ecosystem sea are illustrated by the example of sharks and whales.

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