An Unknown Realm

This DVD offers a clearly structured survey of mushrooms with an emphasis on the following aspects: Mushrooms of different shapes and colours present their fruit bodies. The reproduction by means of spores is shown with different kinds of mushrooms. The actual mushroom is formed by hyphae in the ground. The symbiosis between mushroom and tree is called mycorrhiza. Mushrooms can be poisons or medicines, as is illustrated by the examples of ergot and the birch polypore. Mildews and slime moulds are examples of the decomposing effects of mushrooms. In the fermentation of yeast plants, sugar is transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Lichens are extremely adaptable. Under the electron-scan microscope, we can see how algae and mushroom hyphae form a complex symbiosis. Finally, rules and recommendations for gathering mushrooms are provided. Outstanding shots (with impressive fast-motion pictures and animations) give the pupils a comprehensive overview of the characteristics of mushrooms.
  • Article no.: 4655705
  • Targetgroups: Sek I,Sek II
  • Length: 23:00 min
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