Alkali Metals

Properties, Examples, Relationship

What do lithium batteries, table salt and firework rockets have in common?

All of them contain compounds of alkali metals. Alkali metals are members of the first group of the periodic table of the elements. The metals in this group are lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium and francium.

The word “alkali“ is derived from the Arab “al-qalya“ for potash, the colloquial term for potassium carbonate.  

In this film we want to take a closer look at the representatives of this family of elements, compare their properties, investigate the chemical behaviour and see where we encounter their chemical compounds in everyday life.

Alkali metals and alkaline solutions – also called basic solutions – are noxious for the skin. Therefore, additional protective gloves should be worn – apart from the obligatory protective goggles required in laboratory work.

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