Aluminium II

Production, Processing, Recycling

The metal aluminium is growing in importance because of its specific properties and manifold application possibilities. This DVD deals with the industrial production of aluminium as a raw material, its processing and the manufacturing of alloys for the finished product. Starting with the raw material aluminium oxide the functioning of an electrolytic cell is demonstrated and explained. Alumina, white and powdery, is melted with great expenditure of energy, and by means of electrolysis converted into aluminium with a degree of purity of 99.9%. As aluminium oxide would not melt before a temperature of over 2,000°C is reached, the mineral cryolite is used as a solvent. The various alloys change the properties of aluminium and are produced according to precise formulations. The alloy is cast into blocks and bars that serve as primary material for processing plants. The responsible handling of resources underscores the importance of recycling. Aluminium is resilient and versatile.

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