Alpine Glaciers

Man and Ice

Melting alpine glaciers are the most conspicuous indication of global warming, and in the wake of the climate discussion, the public has become increasingly aware of their fate. Besides the structure and function of the glaciers, the film describes their role in the ecosystem and for the economically active human. In this respect, primarily the role of the glaciers for the water balance of the Alps and neighbouring regions and above all, their effects on summer and skiing tourism as well as the energy generation from water power are of major importance. The dwindling of the glaciers is illustrated with the help of historical comparisons. The Pasterze in Austria – the largest glacier of the eastern Alps – and the Bavarian Zugspitze are given as detailed examples. The film addresses younger pupils in the context of the topic of the Alps as well as older secondary school students in the context of climate issues.
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  • Targetgroups: Sek II
  • Length: 27:00 min
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