The Federal States of Germany

The free state of Bavaria is one of the most diverse states of the Federal Republic of Germany. Amidst the Alps with the Alpine Foothills and the Frankenwald and Lake Constance in the southwest, there are various regions that considerably differ from each other with regard to landscape as well as to economic basis. From a historical point of view, too, today’s Bavaria has evolved from individual states like the Duchy of Bavaria and several dioceses and free imperial cities like, for instance, Freising and Augsburg. Particularly interesting is the rise of the former agrarian state, which was to a large extent structurally weak, to one of the leading federal states in terms of economy and technology in the period from World War II until today. With its culture and numerous cultural treasures, Bavaria attracts tourists from all over the world, which contri- buted to the emergence of a service-oriented economy. Due to the modified, modular regional-studies approach, the DVD is suitable from the 5th to the 10th year of school.
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