The Danube

A River Across Half of Europe

With a length of over 2,800 kilometres, the Danube is the second-largest river in Europe. The river, which is to become so mighty, starts out as a narrow brook with the confluence of both its headwater streams Breg and Brigach in Donaueschingen. Before reaching its river delta into the Black Sea, the Danube crosses ten riparian states. On its long way, past important towns and cities, across mountains, wild ravines and broad valleys, lined with forests, fields and vineyards, the Danube connects a plethora of different cultural, economic and living environments. The film follows the course of the Danube and thus invites you to an exciting trip from west to east. The film also covers the devastating interference with the ecology, with river regulation measures, power stations, dams and reservoirs. Another emphasis is laid on the economic significance of the Danube with regard to energy generation and its role as an important traffic artery. At large, with its comprehensive accompanying material, this DVD offers first-hand knowledge of one of the major European rivers – the Danube.
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