Capitals of Central Europe II

Bratislava, Budapest, Prague

This DVD presents the capitals of eastern Central Europe, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw. By way of intro- duction, the pupils learn about the natural and climatic bound- aries of the Central European region and which countries it encompasses. Based on this, the film first focuses on the topographic situation of the respective capital of the countries of Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland and the development of the cities is briefly outlined. Imposing buildings, historical monuments, architectural characteristics, magnificent operas and theatres, but also multi-cultural life in the streets and living traditions are witnesses to the rich cul- ture and artistic atmosphere of these capitals in the heart of Europe. Impressive pictures capture the uniqueness of each one of the capitals and illustrate their characters. Here, the respective geographic location of the capitals is linked to the history of their foundation. The pupils can follow the respective city development, learn about important sights, may compare the economic power and the infrastructures of the cities and will, step by step, obtain a complete picture of the diversity of the unified Europe.
  • Article no.: 4656541
  • Targetgroups: Sek I
  • Length: 30:31 min
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