Capitals of Northern Europe

Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Reykjavik, Stockholm

This DVD presents the five capitals of Northern Europe: Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Reykjavik and Stockholm. The pupils learn about the topographic situation of the capitals in Europe and in their respective country. The history of the cities and their development are outlined, as well as their particularities. This encompasses imposing buildings, famous sights, historical monuments, architectural characteristics and also the cultural life. The pupils are informed on the economic relevance of the capitals within the respective country as well as about their infrastructure and traffic and transport connec- tions to other countries. Impressive pictures capture the uniqueness of each one of the capitals and illustrate their characters. The facts of the film are complemented by extensive accompanying materi- al, which deepens the pupil’s understanding. Here, not only those aspects of the cities already mentioned are discussed but also the topographic, climatic and political mapping of their respective countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Sweden). The pupils learn to assign the capitals to their respective countries and to characterise them as well as to compare and assess them.
  • Article no.: 4656542
  • Targetgroups: Sek I
  • Length: 32:24 min
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