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This DVD conveys to the pupils a comprehensive picture of the Baltic state of Lithuania. Topographical information on Lithuania is followed by an overview of its four regions, which are distinguished by their respective traditions, dialect and landscapes: Upper Lithuania, Lower Lithuania with the Memel Territory, the region of Sudovia and the region of Dzukija. The Lithuanian Baltic coast is the centre of tourism. Further, the DVD leaves a deep impression of the Hill of Crosses, which has been a world-famous place of pilgrimage for Catholics since it was visited by Pope John Paul II. Diverse pictures at- test to the sights of the capital of Vilnius and other cities. The DVD describes Lithuania’s protracted tug-of-war for indepen- dence and mentions the most important branches of industry as well as the country’s energy supply. The pupils also learn about the important role Lithuania plays as a transit country. Furthermore, they gain an insight into the Lithuanian way of life. This DVD shows the diversity and uniqueness of the EU member state of Lithuania and helps pupils to learn more about their European homeland.
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