Chained and Releqsed Power of the Earth

The face of our home planet is subjected to constant change. Mountains are created and eroded over time, oceans flood continental areas, glaciers assume gigantic proportions, modify landscapes and melt – all this happens mostly in very long geological periods of time. Far more spectacular and more comprehensible to humans in terms of time, however, are natural phenomena associated with magmatism, above all, when we encounter them in their most obvious manifestation, volcanism. These natural events that entail far-reaching changes on the surface of the earth, sometimes devastating destruction and high casualties, have impressed civilisations, inspired their imagination and often spread fear and terror from time immemorial. Let us look with wonder and awe at the following breath-taking pictures of volcanic eruptions. They spectacularly illustrate the huge, immeasurable forces hidden inside our earth. At the same time, these pictures make us aware how tiny and powerless we are ourselves.

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