New York City

1967 and 2007

A global metropolis of superlatives: the world capital of trade and culture is bustling with 8.1 million people from all nations. Due to its sea port, New York City became increasingly significant in the 19th century, before proceeding to transform into a unique megacity. Formed by immigration and commodity trade, the city today is above all known for its stock exchange, culture, the UN headquarters and its tourist attractions. This didactic DVD offers a clearly structured overview of the city on the east coast of the United States. In the first four chapters, maps and impressive pictures give an overview of the geographical situation of the city, its history and politics as well as education, language and traffic in the metropolis. Important sights and an insight into the lives of its inhabitants can be found in the last chapter. As a special feature, we offer a film from 1967 on New York City. Both films are excellently suited for comparison, on the one hand with respect to the city’s historical development and on the other hand with respect to the presentation on film.
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