Lower Saxony

The Federal States of Germany

Between the North Sea and the Harz, Ems and Elbe, stretches one of Germany’s federal states in which, according to legend, once the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Till Eulenspiegel and the lying Baron Munchhausen did their mischief.

Here, things were invented which others took credit for later. The inventive genius of the people of Lower Saxony became the foundation of a successful, innovative federal state.

With the North Sea and the lower course of the Elbe, Lower Saxony has a natural boundary in the north. In the southeast, it is bordered by the Harz. A major part of the state lies in the North German Plain.

The rivers of Aller, Weser, Ems and Elbe shape Lower Saxony. The highest mountain is the Wurmberg in the Harz at 971 metres.

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