The Federal States of Germany

The federal state of Saxony lies in the southeast of the Federal Republic of Germany. Besides an overview of the state, this DVD offers a detailed description of the character and history of Saxony’s natural landscapes. One focus of the film is the chapter on the eventful history of this state, which renders the DVD suitable not only for geography lessons but also for history lessons. Besides natural resources and the industry, the chapter on Saxony’s economy discusses the cities of Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz in terms of their sights as well as their structure and regional economy. In view of the agricultural-ecological diversity of the state, agriculture is treated in a subchapter of its own. Due to the modular, modified regional-studies approach, the DVD is suited for both interdisciplinary and focus-oriented teaching strategies and access modes.

  • Article no.: 4655715
  • Targetgroups: Sek I,Sek II
  • Length: 30:00 min
  • Languages:

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