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This DVD conveys to the pupils a comprehensive picture of the European neighbour state of Slovakia. Topographical in- formation on Slovakia is followed by an overview of its typical natural landscapes, for instance, the alpine mountain ranges of the Carpathians, the Slovakian Ore Mountains with their rich ore deposits, the Slovak lowlands of the Little and Great Hungarian Plains, the Danube Valley and the Váh Valley and its many lakes and reservoirs. The DVD explains the economic upswing of recent years and introduces successful branches of industry with the example of the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava. A visit to the capital Bratislava shows, among other things, the world-renowned “New Bridge”, the monumental national theatre and the Castle of Bratislava, which is perpetuated in the coat of arms of the city.This DVD shows the diversity and uniqueness of the EU member state of Slovakia and helps pupils to learn more about their European homeland.
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