Fascinating Firemountains

When volcanos are mentioned in the media, this is usually in connection with devastating eruptions, which come with massive damage and a great number of victims. However, volcanos can also be quite useful – either as tourist attractions or as suppliers of valuable resources. This DVD offers an introduction to volcanism. For this purpose, the following subjects are treated in four film clips: “Structure of Volcanos” – there can be considerable structural differences among the firemountains; “Types of Eruption” – depending on the composition of the magma, explosive or effusive eruptions occur; “Moderate Activities” – in between and after larger eruptions a volcano never rests completely; “Mining Products and their Use” – the materials discharged are diverse and often useful. When choosing the examples of volcanic regions (the Eifel and South Italy), the proven didactic principle “from near to far” was observed. In view of the relative proximity of the regions, the film is suitable for the preparation of field trips, which are expressly to be encouraged.

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  • Length: 30:14 min
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