Dictatorships in the 20th Century II


Nobody could trust his colleagues, his friends, even his own family any more. An entire nation was brutally oppressed, spied out and exposed to any conceivable form of despotism. Until Joseph Stalin died on 5th March 1953, these facts were the bitter reality of the Soviet citizens’ everyday life. This despot used his absolute power to wage war against his own people for decades. DVD 1 shows Stalin’s course of development up to his growth of power as Lenin’s heir in the year 1924. It illustrates Russia’s way from a backward agricultural country at the end of the 19th century to the Soviet Union, the first socialist state of the world. DVD 2 examines the methods of the Stalinist system (e.g. the gulags). Also Stalin’s role as a commander in the Second World War and during the Cold War is dealt with. The film is to encourage reflexion and further interest in Stalin. For the way he is assessed in today’s Russia covers a wide and contrasting range: from deepest disgust to highest admiration. Together with the extensive accompanying teaching material the DVD is perfectly suited for use in the classroom.
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