Dictatorships in the 20th Century IV

Adolf Hitler

Within just a few years, Adolf Hitler succeeds in transforming the young democracy of the Weimar Republic into a dictatorship. With sophisticated propaganda he got millions of German citizens to vote for him. He achieved dictatorship and started the 1st World War – driven by his anti-Semitic ideas and the vision of making Germany the ruler of the world. This film provides information on Hitler as a person. How this Austrian boy with an utterly ordinary childhood, whose dream it was to be a painter one day, grew into the man that turned half the world into piles of rubble. DVD 1 The first part deals with Hitler’s family, his childhood and adolescence, his occupation during the 1st World War, his life in Munich and how he acquired his National Socialist mindset. He becomes Chancellor of the Reich and after Hindenburg’s death he combines the two offices in his person and becomes the Fuehrer. Supported by photos and video recordings of various speeches he held and quotations from his book “My Battle“, the film gives the pupils a good insight into Adolf Hitler’s character.
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