Genghis Khan

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

They appeared all of a sudden, as if from nowhere. Wild Mongol hordes on horseback overrun the Asian Steppes and Russian expanses at the beginning of the 13th century. Nobody can hold up their triumphal march. The leader of the Mongols is Genghis Khan, a merciless conqueror and visionary statesman. His myth is still topical today. The myth of Genghis Khan, the “Apocalyptic Horseman”. The film describes the development of the young Temujin to one of the greatest generals in history. Impressive pictures show the live of Genghis Khan from the cradle to the grave. By maps used systematically, his military campaigns are shown and a timeline, which is repeatedly displayed, provides the dates of the conquests. This way, pupils can gain a better understanding of the campaigns and remember the dates better. Interesting bonus material on 13th century Europe and comprehensive accompanying material invite you to cover all aspects of the topic. Thus, history lessons become an impressive experience.

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