The Holocaust Memorial

Stelae in Berlin

The film “A German Memorial – How to Commemorate Six Million Murdered Jews” gives an insight into the two concepts of this memorial – each deeply impressive in its very own way. This thirty-minute documentary takes the viewer on a virtual tour of the Field of Stelae and the Information Centre. You will be immersed in the intensive atmosphere of the rooms, experience the visitors’ reactions and receive background information on the development and conceptual design of the memorial from the initiator Lea Rosh, the historians involved and the exhibition designer Dagmar von Wilcken. For the sound recording of the film, an unusual concept was implemented: there is no off-camera commentary, instead original sounds and interviews form the acoustic “backbone” of the documentation. The visitors’ voices reflect the different opinions on and impressions of the memorial, the historians talk about the contents of the exhibition and describe their experiences. These direct comments create a feeling of closeness. They convey the emotions the memorial stirs up in all those who take a closer look at it.

  • Article no.: 4655720
  • Targetgroups: Sek II
  • Length: 30:00 min
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