Sigmund Freud II

The Psychoanalyst

At the beginning of the year 1900, Freud lived in a scientific isolation that he himself referred to as a kind of “splendid isolation” that allowed his ideas to develop without interference. It was the time when the results of the research on psychoanalysis began to show consistency. In his private life, Freud took care of his family and friends. Finally, on 1st April 1902, he was appointed honorary professor after his application with the university had been rejected several times due to his Jewish origins. In 1905 Freud published “Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality”. The book caused a scandal. Psychoanalysis still met with objections, criticism and indifference. QUOTE FROM SIGMUND FREUD “Psychoanalysis as a science is not characterised by the matter it treats but by the technique it employs. It intends and does nothing but the disclosure of the unconscious of the psyche.”

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