Democracy in Germany

Basic Knowledge in Politics

Constantly we come across politics in our daily lives, we just do not realise it all the time! Politics does not always take place in full public view but also starts in small settings already, for example at school. The political system in Germany is based on the principles of democracy. That means there are free elections in Germany, an independent parliament and a separation of powers that act independently of each other. Democracy also implies that from the age of eighteen, every German citizen can vote for the party he or she favours. Also at school, democratic elections are held every year, namely for class captains. Exactly like politicians for the people, the elected class representatives perform special tasks for the other pupils. This media package vividly outlines for the pupils what politics is about - on both a small and a large scale and explains the most important basic terms. The original and informative accompanying material helps to give the pupils an understanding of the complicated subject-matter of politics and to clarify it.
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