The Circus

A Fantastic World

The circus is a favourite topic for project work at kindergarten. Focal point is, of course, the children‘s spontaneous, allround experience of the circus. But it is not always feasible for educators to visit a circus to take a look at everyday life there. In clear terms, the DVD presents the life of the circus family Aros. It explains in a way suitable for children that circus life comprehends far more than the funny world presented to the spectators. The glance behind the scenes reveals that circus life means a lot of hard work. We witness an ordinary day in the life of the circus children Justine and Leon, who hardly have time to watch TV or play games. The accompanying material contains extensive suggestions and recommendations such as songs, recipes, some ideas on how to stage a circus performance, games, make-up tips, etc., for a practical application of the topic in the classroom and for reinforcing the knowledge the pupils have acquired. Special emphasis was laid on an integrated learning experience in kindergarten for the children to experience the gaily-coloured circus life with all their senses.

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