Sex Education

Fertilisation, Pregnancy, Birth

The creation of a new human being is a miracle. Children are interested in where they come from. They want to know how a baby gets into the mother’s womb, how it develops inside and is finally born. The film answers questions about fertilisation, pregnancy and birth. As an introduction similarities and differences of men and women are presented and explanations are provided about what role the male and female sexual organs play in procreation. Subsequently the topic of fertilisation is dealt with. The development of the fertilised egg cell into the embryo and finally the foetus is described. The pupils learn about the baby’s stage of development in any month of pregnancy. Then the progression of a birth is described. Eventually the film explains how the new-born baby must be cared for, what it needs and what it cannot do yet. Together with the extensive accompanying material the DVD is eminently suited for use in the classroom.

  • Article no.: 4665850
  • Targetgroups: Sek I,GRU,FÖ
  • Length: 18:09 min
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