The Farm

Where does our Food Come from?

This DVD offers some insight into the life on a farm today. In a way easily understandable for primary school pupils, the film shows with simple and tranquil pictures the daily work in an agricultural business. At the same time, a number of domestic animals are introduced to the children and they learn about their characteristics and lives as well as their use for us humans.The DVD covers the following aspects of the topic: Cows and cattle (modern milk production in the milking plant, cow-keeping on the pasture and in the cowshed, birth and rearing of the calves); pigs (pigs as productive livestock, characteristics, preferences, reproduction); poultry (free-ranging chicken, hatching of a chick, turkeys and geese as fat stock); horses and goats on the farm (information on these domestic animals, their use); small animals on a farm (cats, dog, bees, swallows); agricultural crops (types of cereal like wheat, barley and corn, tilling of the fields, transport and storage of hay using modern farming machines).The film is divided into six menu items (chapters). Each chapter can be individually accessed and worked on.

  • Article no.: 4655731
  • Targetgroups: Sek I,GRU,FÖ
  • Length: 20:00 min
  • Languages:

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