The Hedgehog

A Spiny Insectivore

It carries on its back up to 8000 spines although it is no more than 30 centimetres long. In spite of that it can assert itself very well against its enemies. Because this insectivore can roll up into a ball. Although the hedgehog is a wild animal, it likes to live near humans today. With simple explanations and beautiful film shots the pupils learn about the species-specific behaviour, the characteristics of our endemic common hedgehog but also about the threats it is exposed to. At night, the hedgehog is accompanied on its forays for food, by day, it can be seen sleeping deeply in its hideout, and when the mating season is over, six orphaned hoglets are accompanied on their way to maturity. The thematic fields focussed upon are habitat and distribution, characteristics, behaviour throughout the year, food, reproduction as well as protection and endangerment. The film arouses curiosity about and fascination for the hedgehog and furthers the pupils’ environmental awareness. Together with the extensive accompanying teaching material the DVD is perfectly suited for use in the classroom.

  • Article no.: 4667255
  • Targetgroups: GRU,FÖ
  • Length: 22:26 min
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