Fascination River

Animals in and around the River

Brooks and rivers cross our country. They burst their banks in their natural course and form many habitats for plants and animals. Let us start on a journey of discovery together and experience nature in all its diversity along an intact river system with running and stagnant waters. Water is the source of life on our planet. The sturgeon is among to the oldest species alive on earth today. Sturgeons are also called “living fossils”, since they occurred already 250 million years ago and have survived, contrary to dinosaurs. The sturgeon spends most of its time at sea. But at the onset of sexual maturity the fish wanders hundreds of kilometres upstream for spawning. The eggs of the sturgeon are caviar. As it is also a popular food fish, it was almost exterminated due to intensive fishing and the loss of its natural habitats. For a couple of years, the sturgeon has been returned to the wild in the rivers Oder and Elbe and one day maybe you'll have the chance to watch it circling around at the bottom of the river.

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