Healthy Diet

Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins

For a healthy, balanced and vitamin-rich diet it is essential to know what basic ingredients are contained in our food. Let us take a look at the carbohydrates first. These are contained in bread but also in pasta, rice, potatoes and also in fruit such as bananas.

Quote Merle Zirk, nutritional adviser:

“Now, we’re going to conduct a little experiment. You eat the pretzel and this time you chew very slowly. Not as usual, when you wolf it down rather quickly. Nah! This time you’re going to chew very slowly. Would you like to try that?“


Mira and Niels: “Yeah …“

Chewing a long time and properly is the first step of digestion because it helps to macerate the food with saliva and make better use of the individual nutrients. One of them is distinguished by Mira and Niels already after a short time.

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