Fairy Tales

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Helga Josefa Sophie loves fairy tales. When she was little, her mother read her the ancient stories. Later her children and then her grandson Janik listened spellbound when she read from the fairy tale kingdom between reality and the magical world.

Fairy tales belong to the oldest traditional stories. They are fictitious and deal with brave princesses, talking animals, evil witches and wondrous happenings.    

Quote: “Marmeladenoma“ Helga Josefa Sophie


One summer’s morning, a little tailor was sitting on his table by the window: he was in good spirits and sewed with all his might.


Nowadays many people listen to her when she is reading fairy tales on YouTube. There she calls herself Marmeladenoma.

Quote: “Marmeladenoma“ Helga Josefa Sophie


We want children to listen to fairy tales again. There are a lot of children among them who have never listened to a tale until now

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