Postal Service

How Are Letters and Similar Postal Article

The postal service as an organisation for the delivery of news and retail goods through letters, postcards, parcels and packages is considered a part of the pupils‘ life experience and thus dealt with at primary school. This film is meant to illustrate this important procedural part of the children‘s lives and to make it intelligible to them. It deals with the writing, addressing, stamping and sending of a letter, with the importance of stamps, with the letter box and its emptying and the journey of a letter or a package from the sender to the addressee. Both as an introduction to the topic and as a tool in the hands of the pupils when working individually or preparing projects, the DVD and the didactically arranged accompanying material are perfectly suited for the classroom. A short excursus on the history of the stamp and a glance behind the scenes of a letter centre as well as a sorting centre, which usually cannot be visited, complete this informative DVD on the postal service.

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  • Targetgroups: GRU,FÖ
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