Safety on the Way to School

Beware of Road Traffic

Quote pupils:

„Sport wird heid, glaub i, cool, wei mir han Leichtathletik, oder?“


„Was mogst Du am liabstn?“


No matter whether you live in the city or the country, there are a lot of things to bear in mind on your way to school. And of course, as a pupil you must first learn what to pay attention to, and what danger zones, rules and road signs there are and what they mean for traffic participants.

Accompanied by a grown-up you can find a way to school that is not too long and where there are as few danger spots as possible.

Quote girl, mother:

Girl: “We must go there.“

Mother: “That’s right, we must go there. But we’ll go along here. The way may be longer, but it’s safer because you don’t have to cross the big road.“

Girl: ”Ok.“

It is best to practise several times with the grown-up how to behave on the way to school so that you get safely to school and back home.  

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