Development, Types and Rules

There are many different types of games. Board games, guessing games, waiting games, games of skill, sports games or computer games, too. We play because it is fun, we like activities with others and because we wish to pass our time in a pleasant way. The film gives an overview of the different types of games. It illustrates what you need to play parlour games and how a game is created. The characteristics of sports games are explained and a special emphasis is put on the problems arising when teams are selected and assembled. The film also explains the aspect of “fair play”. Further, the film also outlines the development of computer games, starting with pixelated graphics and simple games and moving on to current graphics, which are almost life-like today, and comprehensive virtual worlds. From the toys used in ancient cultures to today’s games, the film gives a sound overview of the development and the progress made. With its comprehensive didactic worksheets and suggestions for international games, this DVD is perfectly suited for use at schools.

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