The Environment

This DVD offers an insight into the correlation between life and water. In simple terms that are easily understandable to primary school pupils, the film outlines the significance of water for the lives of humans, animals and plants. The DVD covers the following aspects of the topic: Water is Everywhere (deposits and utilisation), Drinking Water (journey of the water, role of the waterworks, water consump- tion), Wastewater (water pollution, processes at a wastewater treatment plant, purification of wastewater), the Water Cycle in Nature (groundwater, evaporation, formation of clouds, rain, infiltration), States of Water (transition between the states, easy-to-perform experiments, occurrence in nature), Properties of Water (what water can do, percentage of water in animals and plants, water as nourishment). The film is divided into five menu items (chapters). Each chapter can be individually accessed and worked on.

  • Article no.: 4655730
  • Targetgroups: GRU,FÖ
  • Length: 20:00 min
  • Languages:

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