From Beet to Crystal

The “Sugar” DVD covers the sugar beet and sugar produc- tion in detail. Simple and clear pieces of information allow the children to easily understand the individual stages from sowing the seeds to processing the beets in the sugar factory. The film conveys that the sugar produced is not an industri- al but a natural product, which is merely extracted from the sugar beet in the sugar factory. The pupils are provided with detailed answers to questions like “Since when have we had sugar?”, “What is sugar used for?” and “What properties does sugar have?”.The DVD addresses the following main points of the topic of “sugar”: Sugar sweetens our daily lives (sugar as an ingredient in many foodstuffs, significance of sugar in our diet), the his- tory of sugar (sugar as a luxury good 200 years ago), sugar formation in the beet (photosynthesis), sugar extraction (the major processes in the sugar factory), kinds of sugar (proper- ties of sugar, various kinds of sugar and their uses).

  • Article no.: 4658326
  • Targetgroups: Sek I,GRU,FÖ
  • Length: 20:25 min
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