Air Traffic

Mobility around the World

Being able to fly has been a dream of humanity from time immemorial. But it does not even date back a century that people actually started being able to travel through the air. Since the 1960s, the number of flight passengers has been constantly increasing. Thus, the airspace is no longer dominated by birds but by man-made flying objects. Which risks do we run but, on the other hand, which chances are we offered because of air traffic? Who makes use of the opportunity to travel by the fastest means of transport of the world? As part of globalisation, goods or spare parts are manufactured all over the world and must reach the consumer within a short time. However, an airport is not only important for the infrastructure and as an employer, at the same time it affects the local residents' quality of life through the numerous starts and landings. The film "Air Traffic“ and its accompanying worksheets provide answers to all these fascinating questions. The diversified accompanying material also offers helpful suggestions as to how to arrange the topic air traffic in an exciting way for classroom use.
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