Deposits, Extraction, Use

Petroleum – a resource without which our modern industrial society is hardly conceivable. It serves as a basis for the fuel of almost all means of transport, but also for generating heat and electricity.

In addition, petroleum is also an important material for industry, because it is present in plastics, paints and even medicine.

The fossil resource was formed millions of years ago and is hidden in the depths of the Earth – both on land and at sea. It is a long way from petroleum to the product. After extraction, the crude oil is transported to the processing facilities, the refineries, where it is prepared for further use and distributed. Only then can we use it, for instance in the form of petrol or fuel oil.

Petroleum is not available in unlimited quantities. Today, the more environment-friendly regenerative energy sources sun, wind and water already have an increasing share in the energy mix. And the share of biofuels is also rising. But still, petroleum will remain one of our most important raw materials for many products over the next few decades.

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