Job Prospects Today

Food is the basis of human life. Its diversity and quality are decisive for our health and well-being, thus also providing the basis for a good quality of life. It is a positive challenge to take on that kind of responsibility by choosing a career in this sector. A butcher’s job is such a challenge, not only with respect to the handling of the food itself but also with respect to the contact with customers. Butchers don’t just sell their products but also give advice to their customers and, in addition, the contact to business partners and public authorities is of considerable importance. Hence, this job is extremely versatile and never boring. Some on-the-job training in an internship provides the opportunity to get to know this profession better and to find out whether you are suitable for the job and whether you feel comfortable with your choice. It is important that a job opens up good career prospects for young people, thus building a bridge to an economically secure future.
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