Job Prospects Today

Today regular appointments with the hairdresser are a matter of course for our individual styling. The aim is no longer to simply cut the hair so that it looks well-groomed but the hairdo is an expression of personality and thus intended to contribute to the overall look of a person. A good hairdresser knows about trends and lifestyle and what’s fashionable, and is able to give competent advice on how to complement the customers’ style. The job of a hairdresser is a positive challenge for everyone interested in fashion, lifestyle and creative work with other people. Apart from the technical knowledge and practical workmanship, primarily giving advice to customers as well as an understanding of the customers’ needs are key qualifications for this crisis-proof job. A traineeship is a possibility of getting familiar with a hairdresser’s work environment. An important aspect is that this career choice offers good prospects for young people on the job market, thus building a bridge to an economically secure future.

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