Privacy and data protection

privacy policy
MEDIENLB processes personal data collected during visits to our website in accordance with the laws on data protection and data security of the Federal Republic of Germany. This privacy statement provides information about how the MEDIENLB deals with information that is collected during your visit on the website of MEDIENLB.

Collecting and processing personal data
Personal data is any information that identifies you, such as your name, email address or postal address. Such data is only stored if you place these at MEDIENLB’s disposal, e.g. if you subscribe to an e-mail information service.

Use and processing of personal data
MEDIENLB generally uses your personal data for technical administration; to answer your inquiry or provide you with access to special information or offers. To this end, it may also be necessary that MEDIENLB passes on your data to external service providers as part of order data processing. Incidentally MEDIENLB will neither pass on your personal information to third parties nor put on the market otherwise. A disclosure towards governmental authorities only if required by law.

Automatically collected information
When you access the MEDIENLB Website, general information, which cannot be used as personal data, will be collected automatically (i.e. not via registration). Storing the IP address does not occur. This information can be evaluated anonymously. They are stored exclusively for purposes of internal evaluation and in a form that does not allow backtracking to the customer.

Permanent cookies are not used on the websites of MedienLB. Instead so-called session cookies are used to provide users more convenience. Each time you call a shop site it is checked if the visitor already has a valid session. If so, this session is used. Otherwise, a new session is generated and tries to put the session ID in a cookie on the customer's computer. At the same time it is checked whether there exists already an old shop cookie on the customer's computer. Each generated session is counted as a new visitor. The Cookie is only valid until the browser is closed again. If the personal computer settings of the client do not accept cookies, this may lead to restrictions in the presentation or use of the website.

MEDIENLB makes provisions to protect your personal data from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access. The data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are observed naturally.

Links to other websites
This privacy statement applies to the appearance of MEDIENLB under The website may contain links to other providers outside the MEDIENLB which are not covered by the Privacy Policy. When you leave the MEDIENLB Website, it is recommended that you carefully read the privacy policy of every website that collects personal data.

Freedom of Information
On a written request MEDIENLB will be happy to inform you what kind of information about you (e.g. name, internet address) has been recorded.