Pre-March Era

Literature and History

After Napoleon's final defeat at Waterloo in 1815, Europe was reorganised at the Congress of Vienna.The civil rights achieved in the French Revolution, which spread throughout Europe, were taken back. The growing resistance to this culminated in the March Revolutions of 1848 in various European countries. The film traces the epoch of Vormärz in Germany and shows in particular how the political present of the time was reflected in literature.

In combination with the extensive additional material (classic and interactive worksheets, glossary, test questions), the medium can be used excellently in class. Glossary, interactive tasks and test questions were created with H5P and can be used without additional software.

In the detailed data section of the DVD 82 pages of teaching and accompanying material, of which:
18 pages of worksheets and supplements with solutions
20 test questions
8 Interactive tasks

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