• Leonardo da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Artist and Scientist

    Some refer to him as the greatest universal genius of all time. His paintings are considered the most beautiful works of art of the Renaissance.

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  • Barock


    Architecture, Art, Music, Painting

    Pompous buildings, impressive parklands, extravagant parties and unimaginable luxury.

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  • Renaissance


    Art, Science, Architecture

    While large parts of Europe still lived in the Dark Middle Ages and huge cathedrals dominated the cities, a new consciousness blossomed in Florence, Italy at the beginning of the 15th century.

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  • Gotik

    Gothic Architecture

    Pointed Arch, Ribbed Vault and Buttress

    At the beginning of the 12th century, a new building style suddenly appeared in France and revolutionised the dark Middle Ages – the Gothic style.

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  • Farben


    Mixing, Effect, Symbolism

    Colour is something ordinary. But colours determine nature and our life fundamentally.

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  • Expressionismus


    In Art

    The expression of a painting is meant to depict the artist’s inner world and bring it out.

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  • Baukunst

    Art of Building

    Eras of Architecture

    If you want to tell the story of architecture, you have to go back to the very beginning of humanity. To the so-called Neolithic Age, which was around 5500 BC. Instead of constantly roaming the country and stopping where is was convenient, people became sedentary and began to build primal habitations to be protected from cold, rain and wild animals.

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  • Der Blaue Reiter

    The Blue Rider

    The Dawning of the Modern Era

    The Blue Rider – this is the name a group of artists chose for themselves when they joined forces just over 100 years ago to exhibit their works together.

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  • Bildanalyse

    Picture Analysis


    Picture analysis is a reliable method of revealing the secrets of works of art. Let us take for example the portrait of a child. There would have been innumerable ways of depicting the child but the painter painted it specifically the way he did and not otherwise.

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