Questions & Answers (FAQ?)

Our clients want to know:

Question: What do I get at MEDIENLB?

Answer: Didactic DVD’S with three audio tracks and extensive didactic documentation such as classic worksheets, interactive worksheets, test tasks, list of links, graphics…

Question: How do I get the media from MedienLB?

Answer: The easiest way is to call at 0 89/21 96 57 210 or send an email to and you will get detailed information immediately and we are happy to support you.
Or order in our comfortable online shop
Or borrow DVDs for free in your media center!

Question: What may I do with the media from MedienLB?

Answer: MedienLB produces all DVDs themselves and therefore all rights of use are at MedienLB. If you have purchased the right license at MedienLB you are always on the safe side of law.

Question: Since when does MedienLB exist?

Answer: MedienLB was founded by Dr. Anita Stangl in 2006 and has now more than 15 full-time employees and more than 90 free subeditors, editors, cameramen and women ...

Question: Can I contribute my services to MEDIENLB even if I am working as a teacher in / at a school?

Answer: Every teacher is welcome to participate. Just send an email to:

Question: How many DVDs does MEDIENLB produce in a year?

Answer: On average, about 60 new productions per year

Question: What distinguishes MedienLB-DVDs from other vendors?


  • MEDIENLB produces all DVDs on its own.

  • MEDIENLB has more didactic accompanying documentation as anyone else.

  • MEDIENLB DVDs at least have three audio tracks.   

  • MEDIENLB DVDs offer subtitles for promoting literacy.

  • MEDIENLB DVDs are all available on-line.

  • MEDIENLB DVDs are always designed from educationalists for educationalists.

  • MEDIENLB DVDs offer additionally interactive worksheets for interactive boards.


    With MedienLB DVDs the preparation for tuition is done in a much shorter time, as many things are already arranged.