• Katholische und evangelische Taufe

    Catholic and Protestant Baptism

    Common Features and Differences

    As an important ritual of the Christian faith, baptism is closely connected with the traditional stories of the prophet John the Baptist, who is said to have lived in Jesus’ lifetime.

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  • Bibel

    The Bible

    from Its Origins until Today

    It is big and small. Thick and thin. Old and new.

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  • Jesus

    Jesus Christ

    Walking in His Footsteps

    Long hair, a beard and a slender figure.

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  • Erstkommunion

    First Communion

    Sacrament of the Eucharist

    This is Annabelle with her family. It is a special day for her because she is celebrating her Holy First Communion today.

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  • Konfirmation


    An Affirmation of Faith

    This was Benjamin, aged four months, at his baptism. This is Benjamin today, aged 13. He will soon receive his confirmation.

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  • Muslimische Feste

    Muslim Festivals

    Holidays and Rituals

    Meryem and Rabia at midday prayer with their parents.

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  • Jüdisches Leben

    Jewish Life

    Festivals, Holidays, Rites

    This is Noam. With his twin brothers Ron and Dan, his little sister Lia and, of course, his parents Esther and Alexis. Just a normal family.

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  • Sakramente


    Companions in Faith

    The Sacraments – they are the visible and audible signs of the invisible workings of God on man. Often they occur at transitions and significant life events such as birth, admission into the community of Christians, growing up. These are the Sacraments of Initiation.

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  • Maria


    Images throughhout the Time

    Mary is the major female figure in the Bible. She is the saint, the patron saint of entire countries and nations. Countless are the prayers people have been directing to her for centuries and countless the people who put themselves under her protection.

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  • Islam


    Muslim Worship

    Like Christians and Jews, Muslims believe in only one God. Today about four million Muslims live in Germany alone. Islam has its origins in Arabia.

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  • Frauen in der Kirche

    Women in the Church

    Equal Rights?

    Women and the Church. Pope Joan springs to mind: a powerful woman at the head of the Catholic Church – unthinkable. Therefore, material for a novel and its film adaptation. The fictional story may embody the wish for a female reign of the Church, in reality a Pope Joan never existed.

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  • Indische Priester

    Indian Priests


    Is there anything unusual about Father Xavier, a coloured missionary from India, working as a priest in Germany? The film begins with Xavier in his Indian home village where people Christianity is part of people’s everyday lives.

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  • Weltreligionen

    World Religions

    World Interpretations and Images of Human

    Since humanity has existed, people have been concerned with the question of the origin of life, how it goes on after death and what the essence of a person's life is. People have always expressed the hope that they are not left alone in their existence and that there is a higher reason that gives them life, protects it and eventually preserves it.

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  • Massencoaching

    Mass Coaching

    Sects on the Psycho-Market ?

    It has long been generally recognised that the modern working world often pushes people to the limits of their stress resistance. In many professional fields and enterprises all work and efforts are dominated by the maxim: “success“.

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  • Das Gebet


    in World Religions

    The prayer, a fundamental religious act, which may be formulated in the form of a request, a thanksgiving or as a dialogue. Whether in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or Judaism – in all five world religions, the prayer is a communion with their God or a Higher Power.

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  • Leben im Kloster

    Life in the Monastery

    Orders and Monks

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  • Päpste


    Politics of the Vatican City State

    1922, St.Peter’s Square in Rome, at the dawn of a new era. On 6th February 1922, Achille Ratti, Archbishop of Milan, is elected Pope Pius XI. He addresses the faithful that have gathered on the square that is still Italian back then.

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  • 500 Jahre Reformation

    500 Years of Reformation

    What separates the Churches still today?

    On 31st October 1517, Martin Luther published his 95 Theses against the sale of indulgences. This date symbolised the beginning of the Reformation in Europe. Almost no other historical event has changed the world like the Reformation 500 years ago.

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  • Das Jenseits


    Pictures and Ideas

    A girl paints her idea of heaven. Angels welcome the dead people to paradise. There, near to Jesus, you can live and play. You also meet deceased relatives again.

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  • Christliche Feste

    Christian Feasts

    Holidays In the Liturgical Year

    People like to celebrate – music, laughing, dancing, being sociable, giving and receiving presents. All this is part of a good celebration. Apart from private festivities such as birthdays or weddings, there are also constantly recurring feasts and holidays in the circle of the seasons.

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  • Martin Luther King

    Martin Luther King

    “I didn’t want to just look on“

    Martin Luther King, born and raised in the household of a pastor, was one of the privileged blacks. He saw and experienced the injustice of social oppression and racism, which were particularly pronounced in the Southern States of the USA, and some of which are still lingering today. He called for demonstrations and civil disobedience and became the spokesman for the Civil Rights Movement of the USA: ”But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt.“

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