Structure, organization, tasks

    The UNO (United Nations Organization), in German the United Nations, is an international association with headquarters in New York.

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  • Brexit


    Significance and Consequences

    On 24 June 2016, a narrow majority of eligible voters in the UK voted to leave the EU, the so-called Brexit.

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  • Lobbyismus


    Basic Definition

    The term lobbying comes from the English language. It refers to the lobbyists who wait in the lobby of the parliament and try to talk to the elected representatives.

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  • Meinungsfreiheit

    Freedom of Speech

    A Fundamental Right

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) protects the right of all human beings to freedom of opinion and expression, including the right to impart their opinion and to hear the opinions of others.

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  • Ein Gesetz entsteht

    The Making of a Law

    How Government and Parliament Work

    Laws determine the lives and interrelationships of people and ensure that both rights and duties are distributed in a just way in society.

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  • Bundespräsident

    Federal President

    Highest Office in the State

    The Federal President holds the highest office in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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  • Bundestag und Bundesrat

    Bundestag and Bundesrat

    Legislative Institutions

    “I think politicians should by all means be responsible for the representation of interests, they should, so to speak, represent the people and make possible what the people wants in order to provide the greatest possible wealth and satisfaction in society. That should be their goal.“

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  • Parteien heute

    Parties today

    Intermediary between citizen and state

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  • Die Bundestagswahl

    Bundestag Elections

    Procedures and Implementation

    There is no democracy without regular elections.

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  • Wahlen


    Protest Voters, Manipulation, Referendum

    There is no democracy without regular elections. Elections are the citizen’s most important means of actively shaping the politics of his or her state.

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  • Werte und Normen in Deutschland

    Values and Norms in Germany


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  • Werte und Normen in Deutschland

    Values and Norms in Germany

    By and with Refugees

    O-Ton M. Ozbak (Afghanistan): „Both with regard to household chores and with tasks in public, women and men are equal.“

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  • Kapitalismus


    A Critical Analysis

    Capitalism is a global economic and social order, in which the means of production such as, for instance, buildings, farmland or technical facilities are in private ownership, and the control of economic activities is effected by the market.

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  • 25 Jahre deutsche Einheit

    25 Years of German Unity

    What Has It Done for Us?

    After four decades of separation in the course of the East-West conflict, the unity of Germany was constitutionally restored on October 3, 1990. The Peaceful Revolution in the GDR and the willingness of the victorious powers of the Second World War enabled reunification.

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  • Globalisierung


    Change through Trade

    A visit to the weekly market. Here they lie peacefully side by side: pears and apples from local regions next to exotic fruits such as kiwi, lychee, papaya and mango.

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  • Europa


    From Ancient Civilisations to the EU

    We Europeans belong to many different countries with diverse cultures, languages and beliefs. These differences, as also our similarities, are based on history.

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  • Kinderrechte in Deutschland

    Children’s Rights in Germany

    Projects of Pupils

    In Germany there are many groups of children who fight for children's rights to be respected. Again and again, these groups organise activities where they point out children's rights. The groups are supported by UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund..

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  • Flüchtlinge


    On Leaving and Arriving

    Faizullah and Pamodou are two of about 500,000 refugees who fled to Germany from the crisis areas of the world between 2013 and the summer of 2015 and applied for asylum here

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  • Die Politik der USA

    Politics of the USA

    Electoral System and Distribution of Power

    The United States of America. The nation’s political power is centred around the Capitol in the capital Washington D.C. This block encompasses the most important government buildings. Under the dome of Congress, both parliaments of the federal government are housed.

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  • Jugendbewegung

    Youth Movement

    Then and Today

    Dancing until your feet hurt: Here, at the meeting on the Hoher Meissner near Kassel, 3,500 participants from Boy Scout associations, youth and Wandervogel groups from all over the German-speaking region have gathered. They want to celebrate, simply get to know each other and commemorate a historic anniversary.

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  • Basiswissen Politik

    Democracy in Germany

    Basic Knowledge in Politics

    Constantly we come across politics in our daily lives, we just do not realise it all the time! Politics does not always take place in full public view but also starts in small settings already, for example at school. The political system in Germany is based on the principles of democracy. That means there are free elections in Germany, an independent parliament and a separation of powers that act independently of each other.

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  • Europäisches Parlament

    The European Parliament

    EU Laws

    The European Union is a union consisting of 27 European states. Currently its population comprises about 500 million inhabitants. 17 of these states have a common currency. Its aim is a pan-European area of freedom, security and justice.

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  • Migration


    and Integration

    Migration and integration are central topics of future relevance in politics as well as in the public mind. Germany has long been a country of immigration. This can constantly be seen in everyday life: in the playground, in the underground, in the office or in the schoolyard.

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  • Kinder haben Rechte

    Children Have Rights

    UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

    Every human being has rights. Children have children’s rights. Since 1946 the UN – the United Nations – has been working to safeguard these rights. On 20th November 1989 it was adopted: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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  • Bürgermeister(-in)


    Tasks of the Municipality

    Gauting is a municipality southwest of the city of Munich in Bavaria. About 20,000 people live in the municipality. But who actually ensures that such a system works?

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