• Richtig schreiben lernen

    Learning How to Write Properly

    Pressure, Speed, Form and Rhythm

    Learning to write is at the beginning of the pupils' school career. It is quite a long way from the acquisition of motor skills and their refinement in the areas of pressure, tempo, form and rhythm to individual handwriting.

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  • Programmieren


    Coding with Bee-Bot, Scratch and Robotics

    There are a lot of things in the world whose functioning and appearance were determined even before they are perceived or before they occur.

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  • Kamishibai


    Japanese Narrating Theatre

    We spend a large part of our lives telling stories. Stories we read, listen to, watch – or tell others ourselves.

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  • Informatik fächerübergreifend

    Informatics interdisciplinary

    Creative learning with Minecraft

    The video game Minecraft is one of today’s most popular games. At the same time, it is one of the few video games that are used in lessons worldwide.

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  • 3D-Druck

    3D Printing

    Methods, Materials, Future Prospects

    Layer by layer, a three-dimensional form is being created here – a chess piece. Just like that, from a printer – however, a special one: a 3D printer. Thus, the dream of being able to manufacture three-dimensional pieces yourself at home becomes reality.

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  • Fotografie II

    Photography II

    Creative Picture Design

    Anyone who is able to master the technology of his camera can expose a photo correctly, knows how to handle exposure time and aperture – but only those who can design their photos, compose their pictures properly, know how to direct the viewer’s attention and are able to lend a message to their pictures, truly master photography.

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  • Videokurs I

    Video Course I

    Equipment, Preparation, Camera Work

    It is a lot of fun to make your own films. People who love telling or writing stories and/or taking pictures or making films have come to the right place.

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  • Fotografie


    Basics and Picture Design

    “I would always choose this profession again. It gives you so much and there is so much you can do in this job. You are not tied down but there are plenty of possibilities, all kinds of fields are open to you. In my case, it is portrait photography. There are photographers who work in completely different areas. This profession is not a one-way street but the longer you do it, the more possibilities you see.

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  • Mobiles Lernen II

    Mobile Learning II

    Active Media Work with iPads

    Oh, what’s that? Original soundtrack Thissen: “As our children grow up in a media world and naturally handle the media, they should also be a topic in school.“

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  • Bewegtes Klassenzimmer

    Active Classroom

    Exercise Breaks

    Movement is healthy! It furthers activation or relaxation, strengthens the muscles and improves coordination. Often a few minutes are enough when during lessons you have short breaks for action units in the classroom.

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  • Podcasting


    What Is It? - Modern Teaching

    Today, the use of new media has become a matter of course not only in everyday life – schools and teaching, too, benefit from the new technologies and methods, which support active and independent learning.

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  • Urheberrecht


    Basic Principles

    Copyright is subject to constant change to keep up with technological advances. This film enables the viewer to grasp the basic principles of this extremely intricate matter. By way of introduction, the film defines what an author is, what kinds of works there are and how long a work is protected on principle.Then the fundamental rights of an author are cited and it is shown how these are exploited in our times.

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  • Interaktive Whiteboards

    Interactive Whiteboards

    Teaching – Creating – Presenting

    Although the computer found its way into school some time ago already, it has mostly led a marginal existence so far, banished to extra practice rooms or to the side of the classroom.

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  • Mobiles Lernen I

    Mobile Learning I


    Increasing mobility is a dominant characteristic of the present age. Here the school just follows a general social trend. But with growing mobility not only new devices are coming to the fore but also new concepts of learning are being developed as well as new ways of cooperation between pupils and pupils and pupils and teachers. By now the iPad has established itself as one of the most frequently used mobile learning devices.

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  • Schulcaching

    School Caching

    Digital scavenger hunt

    A treasure hunt in nature… and with GPS devices! Geocaching has been a real trend with lovers of nature for long and now more and more schools discover that pupils can be encouraged to head out into nature and, moreover, that learning content can be communicated creatively in this way.

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