• Sankt Martin

    Saint Martin

    Sharing and Why We Celebrate It

    Every year on November 11, Saint Martin’s Day is celebrated. This church festival is also referred to as Saint Martin’s Feast.

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  • Kamishibai


    Japanese Narrating Theatre

    We spend a large part of our lives telling stories. Stories we read, listen to, watch – or tell others ourselves.

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  • Die Welt entdecken mit allen Sinnen

    Discovering the World with All Senses

    Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, Feeling

    With the eyes we see whether it is light or dark, whether something is multicoloured or just one colour, big, small, thick or thin. Our sense of sight also helps us to determine which way we can go without colliding with someone, where obstacles are or which place is still free.

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  • Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist bunt

    My Favourite Colour Is Multi-coloured

    Mixing and Trying out Colours

    Imagine for a moment that there were no colours. If nothing in this world had a colour, that would be quite boring and sad. No colourful flowers, no coloured butterflies, even your ice-cream on a sunny day would just be grey.

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  • Ameisen


    Small Amazing Creatures

    Ameisen sind Insekten und gehören zu den Gliederfüßern. Das bedeutet, der Körper dieser Tiergruppe ist stets in drei deutlich erkennbare Abschnitte gegliedert: Kopf, Brust und Hinterleib. Man schätzt, dass es über 15.000 verschiedene Arten Ameisen auf der Welt gibt.

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  • Wasser ist überall

    Water is Everywhere

    Where Does Our Water Come From?

    In terms easily understandable to children, this DVD makes us realize how important water is in our everyday life. The film shows where water comes from, how the water cycle on earth works and describes the long journey of the water before it finally flows from our taps.

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  • Vom Stein zum Glas

    From Stone to Glass

    Where Does Our Glass Come From?

    In terms understandable to children, this DVD illustrates how glass, a widely used material, is made. The film shows, step by step, the development from rock to quartz sand, which, mixed with further ingredients, forms an important component in the making of glass.

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  • Der Zirkus

    The Circus

    A Fantastic World

    The circus is a favourite topic for project work at kindergarten. Focal point is, of course, the children‘s spontaneous, allround experience of the circus. But it is not always feasible for educators to visit a circus to take a look at everyday life there. In clear terms, the DVD presents the life of the circus family Aros.c

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  • Winter


    The Cold Season

    Winter is the most extraordinary season. Trees without leaves, little sunlight, the majority of animals have disappeared and humans have to deal with black ice and coughs and sneezes. Nevertheless, winter also has a lot to offer that is available in that season alone: snow, winter sports, calm and peace.

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  • Sommer


    Nature is Full of Life

    Finally, summer has come! This DVD explains in a way suitable for children why summer comes, how life develops in nature and why we humans love this season so much. In short chapters, children learn why daylight hours are longer and how a thunderstorm builds up.

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  • Weihnachten


    The Festival of Love and Joy

    Christmas is a festival celebrated all over the world. Although it is a Christian feast, many people on Earth know and celebrate Christmas. Christmas time is a very special period that somehow casts a spell on the world around us. Streets and houses are decorated and music can be heard from all sides. Although the grown-ups are "under stress", so to speak, in December, it is nevertheless a cosy and pleasant time. cts it and eventually preserves it.

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  • Verkehrserziehung

    Road Safety Education

    How to Move in Traffic

    Road safety education for children is a difficult task for parents, tutors and teachers. Correct behaviour in road traffic is extremely hard to learn for children. They are not aware of the dangers. But how can you raise their awareness without frightening them? How can you encourage their autonomy in road traffic without exposing the children to dangers? The give-way sign “Signo” guides the children through traffic.

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  • Draht


    Wire Is Everywhere

    At first glance, wire seems to be a nondescript, rather boring material, too humdrum to be bothered with. The intensive occupation with wire in the film as well as in the accompanying material, however, makes obvious what significance wire actually has in our society.

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  • Frühling


    Nature Awakens

    Spring is an eventful period. We humans are glad that it gets warmer again and stays light longer. The warm air entices us to go cycling, to play or to enjoy the sun.

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  • Herbst


    Harvest Time

    Autumn is a transitional period in which the days grow shorter and temperatures get colder. There are lots of different fruits which serve as food for the animals on trees and bushes in the forest and the park. It is the season when people harvest fruits and vegetables in their gardens. In the film, we are shown how nature changes in autumn.

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  • Dinosaurier


    Lizards of Prehistoric Times

    Dinosaurs lived on our Earth about 160 million years ago. There are several theories as to why they became extinct about 65 million years ago but the fascination with these creatures is still there. We can look at dinosaurs in dinosaur parks.

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  • Forscher sein leicht gemacht

    Research Made Easy

    Discover the World

    There are people who much enjoy finding out things that nobody has found an answer to yet. These people are called scientists. They work to ensure that we humans are able to understand our world better. They discover lots of things that nobody knew before. Or they discover something that occurred so long ago that there is nobody who can remember it any more.

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  • Schmetterlinge


    Fascinating Creatures

    Butterflies fascinate adults just as much as children. The colourful insects are beautiful to look at and herald the summer. We get to know the characteristics of their structure as well as similarities and differences of the various butterflies.

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  • Insekten


    Life in Our Garden

    Many families have got gardens adjacent to their houses and they are a must in kindergarten, too. When children are in nature and move around, they discover their environment with all their senses. In every meadow, scuttling, crawling, buzzing and bumbling creatures can be found.

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  • Bergtiere

    Alpine Animals

    What Lives in the Alps?

    The Alps are the highest German mountain range and the highest mountain range in Europe. They are an important habitat for plants and animals. We learn that mountains do not look the same from the valley to the peak but that plants and animals adapt to different altitudes.

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  • Faszinierende Vogelwelt

    Fascinating Bird World

    How Do Birds Live?

    Millions of different bird species live on earth. A blackbird, a flamingo, an eagle, a kiwi and a penguin look very different. By adapting to their specific habitats and eating habits their bodies have changed.

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  • Leben im See

    Life in the Lake

    Who Lives in and around the Water?

    All of you certainly know a lake. Perhaps you have even been splashing around in a lake once because lakes are big stretches of water.

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  • Baustellen

    Construction Sites

    Builders, Diggers and More

    At a road construction site mostly the old road is removed with a big road miller. Sometimes a digger helps and carries the large parts away. They are loaded onto a truck. With the tar machine the road is newly tarred.

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